Studying the Economics pathway at Royal Holloway International Study Centre

Make your impact on the global world of business. Learn to lead and study towards success.

The Economics stream will prepare you for a range of economics and finance-related degrees in the Department of Economics, Royal Holloway. ‭Economics is the subject of choice for ‭students seeking career in public and ‭private management, in financial ‭institutions, and in government.

What you will study

You will study English language modules as well as Economics and Mathematics related topics.

Core modules:

Academic English Skills

Academic English Skills aims to provide you with thorough training in the language and related academic skills which will enable you to best achieve your academic potential at University.  These skills include the processes of academic writing, effective and extensive reading strategies, effective participation in seminars and delivery of presentations, and listening to and recording information effectively from lectures. You will also develop the accuracy and range of written and spoken language required to use language effectively and appropriately, with clarity and confidence in an academic context.

Pathway-specific modules:


You will learn about types of goods, types of economies and the problems faced by consumers and producers at different levels of economic activity.

Aspects of supply, demand, elasticity and price controls will be studied and the course will include an introduction to Financial Accounting. You will study global economies, the effects of market failures and a detailed look at competitive influences.


You will study a range of mathematical principles including algebra, differential calculus, trigonometry, vectors and complex statistics.

Economics graduate careers include:

  • Logistics and transport
  • Marketing research
  • Law
  • Investment banking
  • Accounting
  • Consulting
  • Lecturing