Student progression at Royal Holloway jumps to 82%

Group of RHUL ISC students walking together

Results show that 82% of international students who finish their pathway programme at the International Study Centre receive an offer to continue studying at Royal Holloway.

Willow Wong is one of our students who progressed to do a bachelor’s degree. She came from Malaysia to study the International Foundation Year in Arts, Media, Film and Music, and is now studying BA English and Philosophy.

”For me, going into the International Study Centre, I knew that everyone there had just moved away from home and we were all international students, and we didn’t have any friends so we bonded a lot closer, a lot faster.”

Willow’s story and the general high progression result highlight the supportive environment the International Study Centre provides students when moving away from home and prepares them for the future.

This year students gave Royal Holloway outstanding feedback on student experience and teaching quality. The University received an overall satisfaction score of 88% in the National Student Survey.

Royal Holloway will equip you with the academic skills you need to succeed at the International Study Centre and beyond. Our English Language Preparation programme and the two possible routes for the International Foundation Year give all our students the freedom and guidance to grow personally and professionally.

Explore our pre-university programmes and what progression degrees you can do at Royal Holloway.