Student Support

We're here to help

The International Study Centre staff will work closely with you when you come to choose your degree programme, advising on academic requirements, career opportunities and suitable subjects to achieve your goals.

We understand that moving to a new country is a big change and we provide support to all of our students as they settle into their new surroundings. We work hard to ensure students are prepared for university entrance in every way. We understand the specific support required for international students.

Advice once you start your course

You can ask any questions you have during classes and arrange to speak to tutors outside of class time too. For advice on matters unrelated to your studies you can speak to the student support team in the International Study Centre or at the Student’s Union. 

Skills for success

Royal Holloway International Study Centre will ensure you have all the tools for a successful life after university, by helping you to understand the world of work.  We will help you identify and develop your employability skills, and build your confidence in a supportive environment.

You will develop employability skills, such as problem solving, teamwork, time management and communication, through a mixture of group work and individual study. You will also be encouraged to reflect on your strengths and create a personal development plan to work on throughout university.

Information services

Before arrival on campus, you will be given an information pack detailing useful and important guidance as to the year ahead and the local area. Upon arrival, you will be fully inducted and supported to ensure you are registered with a healthcare provider, can open a bank account, know your way around campus and can access the onsite support and information network.

International Study Centre students can access the wealth of activities and events that take place on campus during Welcome Week in September. Students starting their International Foundation Year in January also receive a full induction and are partnered with experienced students to get to know the campus.


There are currently two libraries on campus, both of which can be accessed by International Foundation Year students. The Bedford Library provides access to hard-copy learning materials as well as thousands of online journals and eBooks. Additional services include printing, photocopying and a number of independent and small-group study areas, with whiteboards for brainstorming and note-taking. The Founder’s Library is a very old and unique library, specialising in the history of women’s rights and housing a wealth of antique books and research texts for students to use in-house. International Foundation Year students with an interest in the arts, history and literature will find this library truly fascinating.


When you arrive at the International Study Centre, you will be set-up for Internet and IT access. The campus boasts Wi-Fi support for all students across the campus and there are several areas where you can access computers for printing and completing work. The Computer Centre provides IT support and offers training sessions throughout the year for students wishing to learn more about a range of applications. Additional IT services include access to the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), Moodle, which enables access to specific resources and materials for your programme, as well as a means for submitting your coursework.


Royal Holloway is truly multi-faith and offers all students an opportunity to be involved in services that take place every day in the beautiful chapel in the Founder’s building. Additional prayer rooms are available across the campus and Friday prayers are held weekly in the adjacent building to the International Study Centre. Several student-led societies offer support and representation of most faiths and all International Foundation Year students are able to access this service

What our students say

“The International Study Centre is helping me to develop and prepare for a degree in Management and has been an enriching experience.”

Sheyla from Azerbaijan studied the Business and Economics pathway