Royal Holloway top for student satisfaction among London universities

Students have given outstanding feedback about their university experience at Royal Holloway in this year’s National Student Survey. They praised the University’s high-quality teaching, academic support and learning experience. This is a result of an ongoing conversation between staff and students, which has helped create an inspiring environment to learn in. Royal Holloway continues to invest in its students’ learning and provide additional resources to help them succeed; a new library, student services centres and residences will be opening soon.

Subject-specific satisfaction ratings demonstrate the commitment of teaching staff to their students’ education. Mathematics scored the highest overall satisfaction with 98%, meaning the programme ranks fourth in the UK . Other subjects saw an increase in satisfaction ratings: with Physics rising to 95%, Earth Sciences rising to 97%, and History rising to 95%.

Students praised the quality of more many subjects courses, ranking them in the UK top 20 for student satisfaction:

  • Earth Science (third in UK) with 97% overall satisfaction:
  • Classics (third) with 95%
  • Mathematics (fourth) with 98%
  • Geography (eight) with 95%
  • Physics (11th) with 95%
  • Biological Sciences (15th) with 93%
  • History (16th) with 95%
  • Economics (17th) with 90%
  • Computer Science (19th) with 88%

Every year the National Student Survey asks thousands of students what they think about their education in the UK. Royal Holloway scored higher than the average Russell Group University and ranked 25 out of 145 institutions.

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