The International Study Centre has reviewed and improved programme choice

After careful review in collaboration with the University, we have condensed the five pathways we originally offered into three. This will offer more flexibility when choosing your modules and also give you a wider choice of progression degrees from each pathway, whilst also ensuring the modules you will study are relevant to your future education.

The Arts, Media, Film and Music pathway has been combined with Social Sciences, while Business and Economics have merged. Sciences remain the same.

With more modules to choose and study, the time you will spend in lessons will increase to 18 hours per week, which will give you more opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills. This will be split into 4 hours per academic module, plus 6 hours for Academic English Skills. In the previous course structure, students had two compulsory academic modules. This will now increase to three modules selected from a range of options, depending on your chosen progression degree. From this, you will gain a broader understanding and learning experience relevant to your progression degree, and this will also spread the weighting of each assessment grade.

    The revised pathways from September 2017 will be:
  • Arts and Social Sciences: our combination of creative arts and humanities, along with a world class academic resources, research expertise and links with related companies provide the perfect platform to develop your talents.
  • Management and Economics: this pathway will prepare you for a range of management and economics-related degrees at the School of Management, Royal Holloway. It is split into two routes, so you can choose to focus on management or economics, depending on whether you are planning a career in business, finance or government.
  • Sciences: Royal Holloway has a strong commitment to science teaching and research, which is reflected by the Science faculty’s excellent results in the latest Research Assessment Exercise, where we achieved a top ten ranking for many of our disciplines. This pathway is split into either General Sciences or Psychology, depending on chosen progression degree.

If you already hold an offer or have confirmed your place for September 2017, the relevant documents will be reissued to you soon.