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Pre-Masters Programme in Economics

A pathway leading to postgraduate degrees in economics, corporate studies and finance

The Pre-Masters Programme in Economics at the International Study Centre prepares you for a number of maths-related degrees at Royal Holloway.

Key facts

Course length: Two terms

Entry points: March

Age: 20+

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What you will study

The programme consists of core and pathway-specific modules. The core modules will improve your academic and English language skills, while the pathway-specific ones will build specific knowledge about your chosen progression degree.

Academic English Skills

Academic English Skills aims to provide thorough training in the language and related academic skills which will enable international students to best achieve their academic potential at university. Our Academic English programme is validated by UK ENIC, the UK government agency responsible for providing information and expert opinion on qualifications and skills worldwide.

You will develop awareness and competency in a range of language-related academic skills, including the processes of academic writing, effective and extensive reading strategies, effective participation in seminars and delivery of presentations, and listening to and recording information effectively from lectures. You will also develop the accuracy and range of written and spoken language required to use language effectively and appropriately, with clarity and confidence in an academic context.

Alongside your classes, your studies will be supported by an online learning platform, providing you with a range of tasks and activities specifically designed to develop and extend your language and academic skills outside the classroom and to give you more control over your own learning.

Advanced Mathematics for Economics

This module is designed to prepare you with the knowledge of advanced mathematics knowledge used in understanding economics theories and models. The model emphasizes using mathematics tools and logic to understand economic theories’ assumptions and models. The course prepares you to critically analyse and evaluate economic methods and models using a mathematical approach. The knowledge of matrices helps you to solve systems of equations, which will prepare you in learning advanced topics in Macroeconomics and Econometrics.

On successful completion of the module, you will be able to: identify the main mathematical tools used in analysing economic problems; explain optimisation techniques widely applied in economics, demonstrate the ability of understanding mathematical approach in building economic models; analyse optimal behaviour (consumer behaviour and producer behaviour) by using mathematical approach; apply the main mathematical tools in Microeconomics topics and demonstrate the ability to interpret player’s optimal decisions by using both graphs and mathematical expression.

Data Skills for Economics

This module consolidates and develops your theoretical understanding that is the essential equipment to gain the competency for practical application. The course not only covers topics from a theoretical perspective, but also provides training to demonstrate practical application of econometrics. The module, therefore, provides an opportunity for you to develop a solid theoretical foundation for understanding and demonstrating practical applications through theory and illustrative examples.

On successful completion of the module, you will be able to: demonstrate knowledge and understanding of statistical tools to describe different kinds of data and distributions; demonstrate understanding of regression analysis; apply the rules of probability to various distributions; apply hypothesis testing to reject a null hypothesis; critically evaluate the problems faced by researchers while doing regression analysis; apply Serial Advanced Technology Attachment commands to estimate and interpret regression results; critically evaluate suitable econometric techniques for different types of data and critically evaluate analytical methods, both theory and model based and suggest well-reasoned interpretations and solutions.


The module will introduce you to the fundamentals of economic analysis; provide basic and intermediate knowledge in microeconomics and macroeconomics; develop your skills and ability to apply economic concepts and theories to real world situations and prepare you for further study at postgraduate level in Economics.

On successful completion of the module, you will be able to: apply knowledge and understanding of macroeconomic theories to explain decisions made by households, firms and governments; critically analyse different market structures and explain mixed case realities; use Data from national income accounting to analyse economic performance; evaluate general equilibrium and discuss the role of price adjustment in achieving it and analyse both domestic and international economic issues using macroeconomic models, propose and critically evaluate appropriate policies to address the issues.

Project Research Skills for Economics

You will be encouraged to select a project linked to your intended Master’s Degree. You will take responsibility to effectively manage the project. The choice of a project title can be made in consultation with the research interests of the destination departments and colleagues at the Royal Holloway University whilst your tutor in the Centre will act as supervisor and research is discussed during regular tutorials. You will cultivate the necessary research skills to work both individually and as a group to identify a research gap, research and think critically on subject module content, drawing on theory for application in an academic research context.

On successful completion of the module, you will be able to: identify and explain the differences between qualitative and quantitative data methods of data collection; explain the relevance of primary and statistical methods to academic research projects; undertake a literature review and be able to critically evaluate academic arguments to identify gaps; detect and discuss methodological and ethical thoughts in academic research; formulate research question, select appropriate research method, critically evaluate information and data to undertake an individual academic project and apply theoretical knowledge from the subject area to chosen research project.

Combined visa

Save time and money, and experience a seamless transition to postgraduate success, by studying our Pre-Masters course and the remainder of your degree with one visa.

Doing this means you will benefit from:

  • Just one visa required for the whole length of your study
  • Alternatives to IELTS for UKVI can be used to join the Pre-Masters programme*
  • No need for an additional IELTS test before joining your postgraduate degree
  • No visa requirement to return home between the courses
  • Work up to 20 hours per week
  • Ideal for students who have exceeded their two years of pre-degree study in the UK.

*IELTS or equivalent required, alternatives accepted include TOEFL iBT, Pearson, IGCSE, IB, HKDSE, India HSC (recognised board), Malaysia SPM, WAEC.

Progression degrees

After completing your Pre-Masters Programme and meeting the required grades, you can progress to your chosen postgraduate degree at Royal Holloway. It is important to note that the entry requirements are subject to change – you will have the chance to discuss this with your teachers upon approaching the end of your programme.

You can study one of the following postgraduate degrees:

Degree Programme NameAwardOverall GradeEnglish Grade
No Results
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