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Whether you have an undergraduate degree in mind or are unsure of what you’d like to study, it is important to consider all your options, to make sure you are getting the best educational experience for you. Find out about all the subject pathways we teach at Royal Holloway International Study Centre here.

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Arts and Social Sciences

Spanning a varied range of detailed topics, studying Art and Social Sciences will give you a wide breadth of knowledge on areas such as history, literature, ancient studies and more. See what you could do with a degree in this expansive field.

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Business and Management

Studying Business and Management is a great introduction to many different degrees. This subject contains modules such as marketing, entrepreneurship and finance management. Discover more about a degree in Business and Management.

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Computer Science

Computer Science is an ever-growing industry with an expanding job market. A degree in this field will likely focus on fascinating modules like artificial intelligence and information security. Find out more about studying Computer Science.

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Incorporating modules such as corporate finance, Economics is an insightful, practical subject to study at university. Read more about what it’s like to study a degree in this field.

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Electronic Engineering

Electronic Engineering is valuable, hands-on subject to study at university. A degree in this field will involve stimulating modules like immersive technology and engineering management. Find out more about studying Electronic Engineering.

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A degree in Science is a start to many kinds of career that are crucial to society. Within this field, you can study a number of modules like biology, chemistry or physics. Discover what it’s like to study Science.

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University preparation programmes are your pathway to Royal Holloway. Choose between three routes for the International Foundation Year or improve your language skills with the English Language Preparation Programme.

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